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书信格式英语作文8篇 背会这些轻松提分

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书信格式英语作文8篇 背会这些轻松提分





DearProfessor Liang,

I am writing to extend my gratitude to you because with your help I am now astudent of Chemistry Department of Sydney University.

Last June, when I applied to become a graduate student of Sydney University,you really gave me a lot of valuable help. You not only wrote a recommendation(推荐) forme to Professor Wells who works in the Sydney University but also gave mecareful and patient instructions on how to fill the application forms and writethe application letters.

It is your unreserved(无保留的) help that enables me to obtain this splendid(极好的)opportunityof further education. For the following two years I will study hard toreciprocate(回报) your sincere help and expectations with excellent grades.

Yours truly,

Zhang Ying





I am terribly sorry to tell you that I am unable to attend your birthday partynext Thursday evening. That is owing to(因为) the factthat (同位语从句)my younger brother suddenly fell ill and was taken to a hospitalthis morning. I have to go there immediately and take care of him. As told bythe doctor in charge, it will take around five days for him to recover and Ihave asked my boss for a leave.

I really regret that I cannot go to celebrate your birthday personally andwould miss the perfect chance of enjoying myself with all our old friends. Ihave chosen a small gift for you and will send it to you tomorrow to show mybest wishes. Besides, please give my regards to our friends when you meet themat the party.

Cordially, (sincerely)

Li Hua


假定你是李华,将于今年七月从新星外语学校毕业。你从报纸上得知B & B公司要招聘一名英文秘书,你很感兴趣,要写一封求职信,包括下列要点:


2. 学习情况:班级前5,英语口语好







DearSir/ Madam,

I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary。 I’mreally interested in this position so I am writing to apply for it。

I’m18 years old and will graduate from Xinxing Foreign Languages School thisJuly.I’m an excellent student, among the top 5 in my class of 50 students. I’mgood at English, especially spoken English. I often use the computer and I typevery fast. In my spare time, I read a lot. Poems are my favorite. I enjoy musicvery much too. Being an active young person, I like sports and outdooractivities. Besides, I’m easy to get along with and I like to make friends.

I hope I may be granted(授予) an interview,when I can explain my qualifications(资格,条件) morefully。 I am looking forward to your reply。







内容:1。唱中国歌 2。比赛用筷子 3。学习包饺子



Goodafternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please?

I’mthe chairman of the Students’ Union. As the New Year is around the corner(即将到来), we aregoing to hold a New Year party for you, which is intended to enable you to havea better understanding of Chinese culture.

Duringthe party, not only can you sing a Chinese song, but you will also compete witheach other to see how skilled you are at using chopsticks. What’s more, you’ll learnat the party how to make dumplings. Sounds great. doesn’t it? The party isscheduled(计划于) in Room 101of the Teaching Building from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00p.m. next Friday.

Pleasemake sure you won’t miss it. Thank you for your attention.




假设你是李华,你的美国朋友Tom上个月来到北京学习。七月份你将去北京参加暑期中学生英语演讲比赛 (speech contest),你在资料搜集、语言运用等方面遇到了困难。请根据以下要点给Tom写一封电子邮件:








Dear Tom,

How is it going these days? I keep wondering how you feel about your school life in Beijing. Have you got used to the life in China? Are you enjoying your life? I hope you are.

Let me tell you a piece of good news: I’m going to take part in an English speech contest of middle school students in July in the coming summer vacation。 So I’m busy preparing for it。 But now I have some difficulty in collecting useful information and using proper English word to express my thoughts。 Besides, I really want to improve my spoken English, especially the pronunciation and intonation(语调)。 Of course, as a native English speaker, you can give me some suggestions。

In addition, I’m going to visit you after the contest. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together in Beijing! I can hardly wait to see you! I am looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua



假定你是李华,你们学校和一所美国中学签署了教师交流协议。在过去的一年里,你们的英文老师是来自这所中学的Sue Wood。不久前她返回美国任教。请你根据写作要点和要求给Sue写封电子邮件。

写作要点:1.对她表达感谢之意; (议论)

2。介绍她离开后你自己及班里发生的事情; (记叙)








Dear Sue,

I’m Li Hua, one of your students in China. It’s almost a month since you left us. We all miss you and are very grateful for what you did for us.

We are busy as usual。 We had an English speech contest the other day。 I won the first prize! This again reminds me of all your kind help。 Do you still remember the trees we planted together on the hill behind the school? Yesterday, we went there and watered them。 The tree you planted yourself is growing well, and the whole class decided to name it Sue Wood。 Will you come back to see Sue Wood?

How is everything with you lately? We hope to know more about you and your American students。 Hope to keep in close touch。

All the best。


Li Hua



1。 时间:8am—5 pm;

2. 集合地点:校门口;

3。 交通工具:公交车;

4. 携带物品:雨具,午餐,相机。

注意:1. 词数不少于50;

2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。



I’mwriting to tell you that we intend to climb the Fragrant Hill this Saturday andI sincerely invite you to go with us on behalf of our class。

Weare supposed to gather at the school gate and set out at 8:00 am sharp. The buswill serve a sour transportation. We will climb to the top of the hill andenjoy our picnic lunch there, so please take some food with you as lunch. Atabout 2:00 pm. We will go down the hill along another path and return to ourschool at about5.00pm. You may equip yourself with a camera to record thebeautiful scenery and an umbrella or a raincoat is also necessary in case youare caught in a rain. Please spare some time to join us.

Yourparticipation can surely add color to our trip and we are all looking forwardto your involvement.






内容包括:1。 表达你的愉悦心情;2。向她表示祝贺; 3。请她介绍成功的经验。

注意:1。 词数100左右; 2。 开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数;3。 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

参考词汇:英语演讲比赛 the English Speech Contest


Dear Wei Fang,

I hear that you have won first prize in the English Speech Contest of Middle School Students, so I’m writing to give my sincere congratulations.

You don’t know how excited I was when I heard the good news. As your best friend, I am proud of you! Your pronunciation and fluent English left me with deep impression. It came as no surprise to me that you won the contest. Could you share with me how you improve your spoken English? Your experience will be of great help to me in learning.

I will be grateful if you can write me back and give me your advice。 I am looking forward to your early reply。


Li Hua