Sidewiser Hangar

The sidewiser hangar is an old idea. The first hangar built by Orville and Wilber Wright was a sidewiser. It was the size of a single-car garage and was so narrow that they had to remove the nose elevator before shoving their 1904 Flyer II inside. The location was Huffman Prairie just outside Dayton, Ohio. Today the site is Huffman Prairie Flying Field on the premises of Wright-Patterson AFB. The sidewiser was a good idea then and it's a good idea today.

OxAero has designed a sidewiser hangar for gliders. This is not a minimal shed, but a quality, fully enclosed steel building that accommodates two 15m gliders at a cost of about $18,000 per glider. Guided mainwheel-dollies make packing and unpacking the hangar an easy, one-person job and all but eliminates the likelihood of hangar rash. (more)

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